Frequently asked questions

How much does SponsorMotion cost?

Event Search is under development. If you’re interested, sign up for early access and we’ll be in touch with updates (and some special launch bonuses!)

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What therapeutic areas do you cover?

Our initial focus has been on immunology, oncology, and cardiology, and we are rapidly building out other therapeutic areas.

If you are looking for something specific, please let us know.

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Yes! Please contact us to find out if there is a match!

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Well…what are you trying to achieve?

Most commonly clients are looking for non-exhibit opportunities such as product theatres or roundtables or specific audiences (i.e., Nurse Practitioners or Nutritionists) In addition, some clients are looking for more detail on events such as agendas or number of attendees. We can easily add in that data.

Search includes the ability to download a list of events in excel with the following fields:

  • Organization
  • Event
  • Short Description
  • Date of Event
  • URL

Looking for something different? Contact us to learn more about our customized offers:

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How can I request a demo?

Click here.

Wait, can’t I do this myself?

Yes, but you’ll be spending a lot of time on Google and the phone! That’s why we did it for you :)

What if I have another question?

Just send a message to